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Living in God's Presence

Fr. Jacques guides us on through a series of reflections on God’s presence. this video series will help you to practice the presence of God, which has made many saints. Fr. Jacques Philippe is a spiritual director and speaker whose work on peace, prayer, and freedom has changed countless lives. If you enjoy this video, please share it and follow us on social media and youtube to receive future reflections from Fr. Jacques Philippe.

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During his normal times Fr. Jacques is able to speak at parishes and events around the country. He does not ask for much but does request that a donation be made to his community.

Since speaking engagements in person are no longer possible for the time being, the community is in need of donations to continue their ministry.

The donations will be used to support the mission of Father Jacques Philippe and his community, (the Community of the Béatitudes) for evangelization and the service of the poor.

Please consider donating to the Community of the beatitudes.

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