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A Guide to the Spiritual Life


With over one million copies sold in 24 languages, Jacques Philippe’s writings on themes such as prayer, interior freedom, and peace of heart have become classics of modern Catholic spirituality.

Jacques Philippe was born on March 12, 1947 in Lorraine, France. After studying mathematics in college, he spent several years teaching and doing scientific research. In 1976, he met the recently-founded Community of the Beatitudes, and, answering the Lord’s call, he became a brother in the community. He then spent several years in Jerusalem and Nazareth immersing himself in the study of Hebrew and the Jewish roots of Christianity, before studying theology and canon law in Rome. He also began his work as a spiritual director, working in the formation of priests and seminarians of the community. In 1985 he was ordained a priest and in 1994  he returned to France where he assumed various responsibilities including spiritual direction, the formation of new members in the Community, and participation in its General Counsel. He began preaching retreats regularly in France and abroad and has consolidated his principal retreat themes into twelve books on spirituality. These books have sold over a million copies in 24 languages. Jacques Philippe’s writings on themes such as prayer, interior freedom, and peace of heart have become classics of modern Catholic spirituality. All of his books in English are available through Scepter Publishers. In recent years, he has devoted himself primarily to traveling worldwide to preach retreats and missions, as well as working for the development of the Community.


“Many have already benefited from Fr. Jacques Philippe’s writings on the spiritual life - and with
good reason. His books offer clear, yet profound, reflections on important themes like; how to
pray better, how to experience true freedom, how to handle suffering, and how to discern God’s

will. I highly recommend these books to anyone seeking sound spiritual guidance along the path
of prayer.”
- Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR

"Fr. Jacques Philippe has become one of the foremost Catholic authors of our time. His works
are noted for their simplicity, depth, and clarity. Again and again, in different ways, he insists on
the priority of the interior life as the indispensable ingredient for true peace and happiness. As
the author of the “Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan”, I rarely add new books to the list. But Interior
Freedom is one of them. It has already attained the status of a religious classic.
- Fr. C. J. McCloskey III

If prayer is an absolutely universal human vocation, then Pere Philippe is a splendid guide to
those of us who, desiring to deepen the conversation already begun, long for nothing less than
total and unending intimacy with the living God.
- Dr. Regis Martin, Professor of Theology,
Franciscan University of Steubenville and Author of The Suffering of Love

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